Are you able to come to terms with the end of a relationship? Do you need help to really come to terms with the end of a meaningful relationship that has been bothering you in some way and you are having trouble putting it behind you……

Hypnosis can help enable you to move on emotionally and feel fresh and move forward in life again.

When a relationship ends, even when you know that it is the best for all involved, it can be difficult to manage your emotions for a while. The old cliché that “time is a great healer” is unquestionably true, however, sometimes it can take much longer than you think it should.

So we can give time a helping hand in putting that relationship well and truly into the past as far as your emotions are concerned. This doesn’t mean that you need to forget about what was good about the relationship if you don’t want to – and it is true that just about all relationships have happy backgrounds to them, at least in the beginning.

Through using hypnotherapy, the relationship will start to take up less time and space in your mind and you will expend less emotional energy going over and over it.

So now is the time to do a little preparation for this.

There have been times in your life when you have been undertaking things that were extremely important to you.

That might be undertaking your driver’s licence testing…starting something new… managing a new job… you know the sorts of events that, at the time felt like a really big thing…but now it feels like it’s all behind you.

So as a kind of practice for getting the feeling of the past being in the past, just take a few seconds now to review something from a long time ago that felt like a “big deal” at the time, buts seems pretty insignificant at the moment…. Just think about that for a few moments right now.

Okay, that is the kind of thinking you will be able to now develop about that specific relationship, finding that you can actually practise getting that more detached feeling on a daily basis.

Some people also believe that the latest relationship was somehow “meant to be” or that it was “the one” which can lead to feelings that they may never have another relationship as good or as intense in the future. This is a mistaken belief.

There are thousands of potential partners out there which would meet your needs. It is the emotion you are feeling at the moment that leads to that sort of thought, however, it just isn’t true, so please don’t be fooled by the feeling that there is only one person for you… it is so overwhelmingly easy to get that idea.

There will be opportunities for you in the future, whether you believe me or not – it is a fact that ….it is more than likely that there is a future relationship looming in the not too distant future…..….

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