A unique insight into the varying opinions surrounding the Australian government’s anti-smoking initiatives from our locals.

This interview was conducted by Hannah Kenny

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Hypnosis is not new, it is simply an “altered state of conscious awareness”, “a narrowing of the focus of the mind” or in simpler terms a little like “day dreaming”.

Hypnotherapy in its more primitive form has been used for many centuries throughout the world by many different societies for the purpose of religious and healing ceremonies:

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The symptoms of anxiety and stress are driven by the same chemical reaction (adrenalin/cortisol release).

Stress is a normal response to a perceived threat and anxiety is largely caused by worry.

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Many people struggle to learn or take in what they are studying, this can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Stress;
  • Anxiety;
  • Lack of concentration ability;

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Smoking is a behaviour that has been adopted in some way to often cope with something that was happening at the time, whether it be curiosity to see what it was like, to fit in with friends or family, a response to a stressful situation or took it up for something to do.

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And maintaining that weight loss?

There are a number of factors that come into releasing your weight, some of the more common are the obvious ones:

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The best time to exercise is in the morning – why, because if we leave it to later in the day, we are often snowballed by the activities of the day and exercise is no longer a priority and it becomes one of the last things on our agendas.

We start making excuses that we just can’t fit that exercise in because we need to……

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Jane M

(Since seeing Karen Holt) I just feel so calm in myself – it is as though the anxiety doesn’t exist anymore – I am coping so much better.


For the past few months I've been struggling with a separation. I came in for a treatment on the Thursday, by Saturday I was singing. I am calm! Much love and thanks Amber (Birkin)!

Michelle C

(Karen Holt), I now fly with ease and am no longer worried when getting on a plane, my life is so much easier.

Kerry B

Thanks so much Karen (Holt) for your sincerity, you have put me back on the right path instead of trying to escape with the use of alcohol.

Shelley Mc

Thanks (Karen Holt) for listening and helping with my problems, I had the most relaxing holiday ever - no trouble sleeping even in the confined space and with company. I have also lost over 10 kg's and I don't panic so much if things go wrong.

Rob J

Wanting to let you know that I have been doing so well (Karen Holt), I thought a lot about what you suggested to me and it allowed me to stop eating unnecessarily.

John S

Karen (Holt) you have helped me overcome my fear of snakes so easily, I can now walk out in the grass without always being fearful.

Mary S

Thank you Karen (Holt) for your support with my anxiety concerns, I'm not sure how I would have coped without it.