An emotional trigger is an experience that triggers an emotional memory. In other words, a trigger is a reminder of an event. Whenever a similar event occurs thereafter we automatically repeat our emotional and physical reactions attached to the original memory. Triggers vary greatly; it could be a certain place, person or smell, a taste, a noise, a film, a feeling, the weather, a certain date or time of the year or a myriad of other things.

With the case of always becoming excited and happy around birthday parties this is a good thing. In the case of a not so happy event, such as a relationship break up, arguments or violence then these reactions might become unhealthy patterns that have formed in our psyche. Although originally the reaction might have been appropriate, it is likely that over time similar events that may be not so traumatic trigger a reaction on par with your original response. So the smallest of things can cause us to have an exaggerated reaction. Often these reactions are unhealthy, causing internal turmoil, communication problems, or both.

A professional hypnotherapist combines relaxation techniques with guided imagery to help clients move into an entranced state of relaxation and awareness. During this time the client's nervous system relaxes and breathing, heart rate and blood pressure slow down. As the client is relaxed deeper the skilled hypnotherapist is able to safely access events, emotions and memories that are often forgotten. The hypnotherapist will use various techniques to perhaps separate the learned behaviours from the memories - and to help the client to release unwanted behaviour - and transform from old ways of responding to new healthier ones. If depression is caused by a situation in a client's life, hypnotherapy can be effective as they learn how to respond differently to whatever triggers the depressive feelings.

The client remains in complete control during the process and is when they are brought back to alertness, they bring with them every safe and sensible suggestion that can be incorporated into their life to give them more peace of mind, rather than falling into those old triggered ways.