Find out the alternative and effective way for losing weight and keeping it off! Discover how hypnotherapy can change the way you look and feel by changing the way you think about what you eat.

Are you one of the many who has struggled with your weight, finding it difficult to lose or gain even a simple kilo or two? Do you find yourself eating too much of the wrong food, or eating when feeling stressed or bored? These problems can often lead to automatic behaviours that can cause us to eat unnecessarily and are often beyond our normal conscious awareness. In time these can affect our health and well being without us even realizing what we are doing.

We often eat the way we do as a result of our learned behaviours and emotional drivers from childhood or other incidents that take place in our lives. It is at a subconscious level because this is how we learnt to eat as we grew up, or it may be due to having experienced something emotional that affects us deeply. Some people eat comfort foods, some eat to fill in time or because they're bored. This can lead to eating at inappropriate times, and emotional eating where food is used a source of reward. People may be eating too much, too often or be serving portion sizes that are too large. Others may not be eating enough to allow their bodies to function effectively.

An effective solution is to use hypnotherapy to remove the emotional connections and subconscious behaviours and beliefs that are barriers to weight loss. As there are a few different types of emotional drivers for eating too much or too little, hypnotherapy allows us to identify these behaviours and subsequently remove those drivers from daily routines. This will allow you to change you behaviour towards and your relationship with food.

Most of our behaviours around food and exercise are subconscious. Sometimes we are essentially on autopilot: for example, you start to watch TV and then before you realize what you have done you have eaten the whole block of chocolate. We are just not aware of what we are doing at a conscious level - we just do these things automatically.

By changing the focus of the subconscious mind to modify these automatic behaviours, you will be able to eat at appropriate times and eat more appropriate foods - including moderate amounts. You will feel satisfied much sooner, and be able to build a positive and healthy life for yourself.

You will also be able to change any limiting beliefs around exercise or emotional blocks to exercise that you may have. Discovering what they are and using hypnosis to remove and transform them will allow you to enjoy the benefits of positive, healthy and safe exercise, which will help you manage your weight more easily. You can supercharge your motivation to exercise and exercise can become more appealing, allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster. 

Our qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Karen, can help you to become motivated and really excited about modifying your eating and exercise habits, moving easily towards achieving your goals of weight management and a healthier lifestyle.