In just a couple of sessions, you can quit smoking for life. Stop spending your hard earned money on cigarettes that do nothing for you in the short term and leave you out of breath as your health weakens in the long term. Your health is vitally important and we're sure you would like to breathe easier and also save money. Make the decision to quit and begin to take charge of your health and well being, and your finances, today.

Have you have tried all the traditional methods of patches, gum, etc., with mixed success? Are there still certain situation where you cannot help but light up?

There is more to quitting than just breaking the nicotine addiction. There are many reasons why people smoke: For some it is simply habit, however, for others it may also be for stimulation, to cope with stress, anxiety or to cover up a lack of confidence in themselves.

Many of our habits can be psychologically connected with the smoking of cigarettes, i.e. you only crave the cigarettes when you do certain tasks. So this means that it is not a physical addiction but a psychological habit formed over years of repeated behaviour and the smoking is triggered when doing different activities, or it may be time based.

Most people find it hardest to resist smoking when they are in need of relaxation, feeling bored, studying, working towards a big deadline, needing to deal with work pressures, driving or when out drinking with friends. If this is you our registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Karen, can help free you so that you will never smoke in any situation ever again by using Hypnotherapy.

During the hypnotherapy session she will speak to your subconscious mind to eliminate the body’s behaviours and addictions permanently. She does this because the subconscious is the key to accessing your automated behaviours, which you need to do in order to modify or eliminate them. During a hypnosis session the body will become deeply relaxed while being highly focused and aware, which enables the changes to take place. You will be able to enjoy all of your previous activities like talking on the phone, drinking with friends or even involving yourself in new activities, all without the need for a cigarette.

Therefore, with your permission, Karen can utilize the use of hypnotherapy to change the focus to the habit and the addiction, with most people finding positive results quickly and easily. It will even work for heavy smokers - everyone can stop stopping if they are committed to doing so, even those that smoke over 2 packs a day for over 20 years can quit easily with the help of hypnotherapy!