When someone loves, cares and supports deeply for others, the thought of them no longer being there can create emotional turmoil. Many people experience this as fear and insecurity when a person is seriously ill or when the person that they care about, job or lifestyle is bringing an element of danger to their lives.

Even if there is no specific reason to expect that you might lose this person, particularly when all is well and everyone is healthy, it is possible to get caught up in worries and anxieties about how you would cope if the person or persons that you care deeply about unexpectedly pass away.

Fear is an extremely protective emotion, designed to keep us safe. It makes us very aware of imminent threats, so that we can take immediate action to avoid a dangerous situation and it also helps a person prepare themselves for any potential future difficulties. It is also well understood that, one of the reasons people are drawn to books and films that involve danger, tragedy, heartbreak and loss is so that we can prepare themselves for the more painful aspects of life. Each of us, in our own way, is naturally drawn to consider how we would cope if we were faced with a terrible loss of some kind.

This process is not unhealthy actually; it is normal, natural and human and sometimes giving ourselves a little dose of “worst case scenario thinking” allows us to mentally prepare ourselves for all of life’s worst possible moments.

The only problem is when this kind of anticipatory dread and insecurity becomes overwhelming, it starts taking away from the ability to be living in the present and to enjoy life.

It is certainly okay to acknowledge that nothing is permanent in this life and that we shouldn’t take the life we have or the people around us for granted, however, it is another thing to get caught up in those negative thought patterns which just get stuck in a loop, generating endless if” thoughts about us losing a loved ones.

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:
Help quiet and calm down those kinds of thoughts, so that you can observe them with a more cool-headed clarity and objectivity and gradually transform them into a wiser, more helpful way of thinking about life and death. This in turn is going to help you be more philosophical about dealing with whatever my happen in the future while allowing yourself the space to enjoy your life as it is happening now, so you can be fully present with your loved ones right now in the present.

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