Origins of Low Self Esteem - Self Esteem is one of the fundamental influences on nearly everything we do. When we have low self esteem, almost every area of our life can be affected. – work, relationships, social activities to name a couple, however you can reprogram yourself to create a more positive attitude, meeting those personal needs and achieve the goals that you wish to achieve.

Low Self Esteem does not suddenly occur as a symptom at age 15, 25 or even 45, it is often not even apparent, however, there may be times when you are critical of yourself, or you may be nervous about trying new things or just make excuses generally not to participate in activities.

Low Self Esteem generally has its foundations in our past – the major cause of poor self-esteem is past negative programming from various sources in our lives.

It is often the judgement of others that creates the problem – someone or something makes us feel that something is good, bad, right or wrong and we buy into the emotions of it.  Through these “thinking styles” we can acquire a critical inner voice that produces our internal fears (fear to try new things, fears to change, fear to undertake everyday activities or fear of failure).

Through the adoption of these negative influences and our fundamental patterns (behaviours / actions) our Self Esteem begins to suffer and we begin is under estimate our full potential.

How to overcome it:

Through guidance and hypnotherapy with Karen you can assist yourself to improve your Self Esteem permanently.  By reprogramming the sub-conscious it will assist you greatly by:

  • Ridding yourself of past negative programming;
  • Improve yourself projection;
  • Increase your confidence and self-acceptance; and
  • Change your perspective on your outlook to any given problem.

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