Take control over that Media Addiction – whatever type it maybe - by using hypnotherapy to break the pattern and take back your life.

Compulsive use of media, whether it be a phone, tablet, computer, online gaming, even television to some degree may all seem like harmless fun, however;

If it is something you feel compelled to do, if you feel anxious or agitated until you get your “fix”, then make no mistake, you are addicted.

  • Do you log on and then wonder where the evening, morning or afternoon went?
  • Does is become part of your life – something that you need to do on a daily/hourly basis?
  • Does it feel that you are compelled to interact with the game/information/person in whatever capacity?
  • Do you have to focus on your media interaction even when you have promised someone else – or even yourself you would do something else?
  • Do you find it hard to press the “OFF” button?
  • Do you feel exhausted but agitated after hours spent using your media device?

When you compulsively utilise media devices for long periods, your natural “co-ordination response” – your brain’s stimulus/reaction system – gets exhausted, leaving you feeling anxious, over stimulated, overwhelmed and even depressed. When this is taking place, time can become distorted and seem to flow more slowly, as if somewhat dreamlike or even feeling a sense of unreality. During this dreamlike state the media interaction, particularly gaming becomes subconsciously embedded in the brain.

YOU need to learn to switch off that link.

Or maybe you are utilising the media device to escape from the hassles you face in your own life.

However, like any addiction, it is full of empty promises - it never really delivers the release it seems to promise. The more you utilise the device, particularly a gaming device, then the more you want to play. It can be great fun and absorbs our minds, however, if you can’t do without it, then you have lost control and you need to get back in charge again. Maybe you even kid yourself that you’re not really hooked. How many times do you pick up your phone and aimlessly just scroll through it without any real sense of purpose for just something to do?

Think about the things you can do with your life once you are freed up from having to spend so much time on your media device, just imagine the skills and talents and constructive satisfaction you can develop for yourself or even find yourself actually engaging in a conversation with others, feeling stimulated and with a sense of purpose.

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • Take back control over your time and your life;
  • Break the addictive patterns; and
  • Learn new skills and develop your abilities in a more satisfying way – giving you so many more choices than simply engaging with a MACHINE!! – which ever device it maybe.

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