Strengthen it, yes you can? Our bodies have an amazing capability to keep itself safe – we call it the “immune system”. And “YES” hypnotherapy can be utilised to boost and strengthen its’ capacity.

Major Causes of Health Problems are:

  • Stress;
  • Immune deficiency;
  • Injury or accident; or
  • Disease or other health related illnesses;

We all try to stay safe and well and keep ourselves protected from illness or injury and we use our immune system to help us do this.  The body has its own support mechanisms in place to try and prevent illness, using the skin, the mucosal linings, vomiting, sneezing, itching or coughing to try to stop those germs invading our internal space.  It also has its own “set of soldiers”, special cells that attack anything that tries to invade – actively attacking germs, eradicating and destroying them from within the blood stream.

Our white blood cells activity attack and attempt to destroy anything that enters the blood stream, the white cells actually move toward any area which becomes infected, attempting to break down any invading germ or disease.  Unfortunately, as the body also has harmless bacteria which are similar to invading germ cells, the immune system works to eradicate them which may even result in damage to its own cells.

Therefore, our immune systems have a series of protective cells which are designed to target particular invaders.  This is called our “adaptive immune system”, there are two main cells - B-cells and T-cells.  The B-cells use antibodies to fight off bacterial type infections, while the T-cells are utilised to fight against viral type infections.  The B-cells flow through the body, producing the appropriate antibodies that are required to fight off the various ‘enemies’ that try to invade.  The T-cells attempt to identify and destroy – there are also two types of T-cells, one, known as the ‘helper’, it finds and identifies any invaded cells and sets of the internal alert system; the other, known as the ‘killer’ is the special force that moves into destroy any invader.

For example:  it is widely understood that stress weakens our immune system and makes it harder to fight infection, therefore, regular relaxation will naturally improve the functioning of the immune response.

Therefore, allow the immune system to do its job by taking the time to relax out to relax.

Use hypnotherapy to assist in enhancing your immune system, it will assist in:

  • greatly reducing stress;
  • allow you to visualise and focus on positive images that counteract your specific illness or condition; and
  • allow you to visualise and focus on positive images that augment general and total healing;
  • allowing you to reduce illness and discomfort;
  • to assist with healing and recovery and to maintain good health; and
    • to construct a sound or improved health platform;
    • reduce stimulants,
    • improved personal safety,
    • early detection of changes within the body,
    • reduce the impact of stressful situations; and
    • negative conditioning and improve the quality of leisure time.

Through the use of hypnotherapy and guidance, Karen will be able to assist with ways of helping to improve your immune system and assist in overcoming health concerns and allow for feelings of freedom, empowerment, control and comfort within, which will benefit the body in so many ways.

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