Having restless legs can be a debilitating experience, and strangely, trying to relax can seem to make the syndrome worse!

Restless legs syndrome will often disrupt sleep and rest and leave those who suffer from it exhausted and with the thoughts and feelings that they just can’t rest at all. The exhaustion caused by restless legs can affect someone’s life enormously, impacting on work, relationships and normal everyday activity.

Restless legs syndrome is often felt most strongly in the evening or at night. Sometimes it is experienced as a general feeling of discomfort in the legs, especially when sitting or lying down. Often there is an overwhelming urge to move about and be active. The feelings seem to be deep within the legs, often between the knee and ankles and it can feel as if those legs just can’t massaged or moved around enough. The only relief seems to come from walking up and down, or raising the legs. The symptoms can be worse after periods of inactivity, such as sitting in a meeting, cinema, or a car or long journeys.

Restless legs is actually a neurological disorder and can run in families. Other factors such as low iron levels, diabetes and other physical ailments may also contribute. Certain medications can also worsen restless legs syndrome and symptoms may also be the result of other medical conditions, therefore, a medically qualified professional should be consulted.

Increased daytime activity can sometimes alleviate evening and night time symptoms, so alcohol, caffeine and sometimes smoking can aggravate restless leg syndrome. Dietary intake can also impact on a person’s wellbeing with respect to this syndrome, therefore, it may be worth looking at what foods and beverages are being consumed.

Although restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder, we know that the mind affects the body in very powerful ways. Hypnosis is the optimum way to affect the mind-body connections in the brain and the body as a whole, so all of that energy can be gathered, collected and put to good use in other ways. Perhaps you can remember times when the muscles and limbs are just so exhausted, maybe from some extended exercise, that any movement feels like a huge effort and everything is completely still.

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • Retrain the mind and body to expend the energy on other ways and calm down that excess energy, thus reducing the impacts of Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • Allow you to cope better and lead your life in a normal and satisfying way again, feeling more rested and restored.

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