In modern life it’s all too easy to find yourself feeling stressed, tense, overwhelmed or on the brink of collapse, feeling like you are on the “treadmill” of life and can’t get off.

Too much work, financial pressure, relationship issues, not enough sleep, and an over reliance on caffeine and other stimulants can all start to make a person feel like they are at the end of their tether.

Our bodies have developed over millions of years to deal with life threatening situations by entering into the fight or flight response (the fight/flight response is the body producing adrenalin/Cortisol into the blood stream to give us extra strength to stand and fight or to run with flight in response to a perceived or real threat).

Entering the fight/flight response allows the body to divert resources away from those non urgent functions like the digestive and immune systems and directs them toward the muscles to have the strength to fight or run away. Following the stressful event, the body knows how to calm down and recover – restoring itself in case it needs to fight or run at another time.

However, in today’s world, parts of the mind can become confused about those mental worries and concerns as being actual threats and the fight/flight response is constantly being triggered.

The emotional pressure that we sometimes put ourselves under, by thinking about all that we need to do and the worry that we can’t do it all, or worrying about it not working out the way we would like creates the very same physiological responses in the body as if these things are a real threat to us.

This will often make us feel extremely tired, unable to concentrate/focus, confused, difficulties in making decisions, poor sleep or produces physical problems like headaches, pain, high blood pressure, poor immune system and even poor sex drive.

It is therefore essential that we learn to manage those stress levels, to make changes in lifestyle so that we cope better and manage those more difficult circumstances much easier.

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • Calm down those stress levels;
  • Help you to make changes in your daily lifestyle;
  • Set goals;
  • Make tasks more manageable;
  • Provide motivation;
  • Get a better night’s sleep;
  • Eat/drink more appropriately; and
  • Enjoy a better life balance.

Spending time with friends can also be beneficial as well as doing the things that you enjoy.

You may also like to consider relaxing at least 20 minutes a day to help your body restore itself and calm down the nervous system as well as allowing yourself to be more clear minded and respond to the concerns with a more balanced outlook.

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