People with phobias sometimes feel a bit embarrassed about their fear, and if they are with other people when the phobic response is occurring, they may try to hide it from them.

One reason for this is that it can be frustrating to be told that you “shouldn’t be frightened” and that there is “nothing to be scared of” – as if you didn’t know that already.

A phobia has nothing to do with the rational part of our mind, and of course we all know perfectly well that the sound of thunder can’t physically harm us, however, the problem is from the much more primitive, subconscious part of the brain which has made a connection between thunder and danger, instinctively creating the physical symptoms of raised heartbeat, sweaty palms, rapid breathing and feelings of fear.  No-one really tends to create that connection, we don’t actually choose to have that phobic response – the brain made the association between thunder and fear all by itself.

I have treated many different kinds of phobias from spiders, snakes, heights, needles and flying to name just a few, to put it plainly, the mind is simply very good at instinctive learning, and people can become phobic about pretty much anything.  A child who sees one of the parents or a sibling cringe and panic every time they come across a spider will tend to be scared by that persons’ response and subconsciously associate spiders with fear or someone who is driving a car may have a panic response during driving and their brain may form a pattern match between being in a car and danger and they may become phobic about driving or about having no control as a passenger. 

However, just as the brain can learn to adopt a phobia very quickly, so hypnosis can help someone to retrain the brain to connect with a more appropriate response to the sound of thunder.  

As a person prepares to deeply relax, I will guide the sub-conscious mind to create a new connection of calm and comfort with the sound of thunder. The old fear response steadily fades away, finding the self comfortably indifferent to the sound of thunder. Some people have even indicated that the thunder sounds further away and seems less important and when there is a storm they don’t particularly think about it anymore.

Therefore, why not try to change the nature of that memory, those very worst memories, so you can relax about possible future exposure to thunder, no matter what the reason may be, you can learn to be calm about it, having greatly reduced the emotional impact and therefore be calm about it.

Through the use of guidance and hypnotherapy Karen will be able to assist you with ways of overcoming those fears and phobias that stop you from making the most of your life and allow you to feel better about yourself, which will benefit you in so many ways

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