A healthy reverence of heights is not a bad thing and being cautious around heights is a natural instinct for us humans that has proven very useful for our survival

over thousands of years, however, for some people, this natural wariness around heights can become an excessive, overwhelming phobia that holds them back from enjoying their life and doing the things that they want to be able to do.

Many people with a fear of heights have experienced a great deal of anxiety even at the mere thought of being at a height and have had times where they felt “immobilized”, sometimes indicating the thoughts and feelings as if they are almost drawn to the edge or that they can’t go forward or backward. This may sound familiar to you.

Individuals who have received treatment and overcome their fear of height often say things like: “I have never really appreciated the view before” or “I’m noticing that I’m looking out and across rather than down” it is wonderful when you start to notice that your instinctive response to heights has become so much more comfortable.

To cure a fear or phobia, you don’t need to know where or why it began and you don’t need to go back through the fear again. The therapist will be able to guide you through a highly effective process for neutralising the emotion that has been associated with the fearful memory and allow you to feel completely calm and at ease with yourself in similar situations. 

This process allows you to completely reprogram the sub-conscious associations you have with heights so that you’ll experience just the right level of calm alertness whenever you are in a place of height in the future.

Remember, most people experience a degree of natural caution, alertness or fear around heights, so the aim of proposed treatment isn’t that you will feel absolutely nothing around heights, however, it will allow you to feel a much more appropriate level of calm and a sense of being fully in control of yourself without being held back by the old limiting belief any more.

Following hypnotherapy treatments people will often say that they didn’t realise that anything had changed until they were in a lift, on a bridge or in a place of height and they noticed they felt totally different!

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • calm down your emotions around the thought and feelings of being fearful at heights;
  • allow you to disassociate the fear and allow you to relax, providing you with opportunities to enjoy your life more; and
  • to allow you to manage your life experiences in the most satisfying way.

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