So what is insecurity? The dictionary defines it as “being anxious or afraid, not feeling confident and being uncertain, feeling shaky or emotionally unstable.


So what is your own, personal definition of being free of insecurity and to lead the life you desire? 

So how can insecurity affect us and what does it mean for you to experience this?

Part of insecurity finds us continually comparing ourselves to others, feeling inadequate, lacking in confidence and stopping us from achieving what we would like to achieve, and of course some people are better at things than we are, however, we all have something to add to the world we live in, offering alternative skills and you may just find that they are worse at something that you are really good at.

A large part of feeling insecure, is in fact a lack of self-confidence, again, we all lack self-confidence in certain areas of our lives and the difficult thing about feeling a lack of self-confidence is that people are always confident about having a lack of self-confidence.

And a good question to ask yourself is:  are you confident that those people who appear so self-assured are really self-assured or are they just bluffing – that old cliché of “fake it until you make it”, or do you realise that they have their insecurity moments too….you just don’t hear about them and sometimes people are often so caught up in their own worlds that, even if you were feeling insecure, they would be quite unlikely to notice anyway.

We can all be certain of certain things in life and that is due to the fact that you allow the sub-conscious mind to take care of these, those incredibly complex functions, such as:

  • digestive function,
  • breathing, and
  • our immune system function;


they all take place without even a conscious thought.  In fact, the only time we think about it is when someone actually brings our attention to them.   We just have the faith and the knowledge that this all happens on its own, at our very deep level within us.

So we can actually train ourselves to simply trust the sub-conscious in other ways, however, we just have to practice those skills more.  It is like an Athlete, who is in training, wanting to accomplish his/her goals.  Firstly, they must learn the process of the sport, the steps to perfect each movement and practice, practice, practice, until they finally achieve their desires and goals because everything that is being practiced and subsequently learnt, has become embedded into the sub-conscious, which allows us to carry out the tasks more smoothing, easily and naturally than the conscious mind.

It is even a more fascinating fact that the body doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  For example:  If I asked you to allow your blood pressure to rise, without doing anything at all, no matter how hard you worked on it, you probably couldn’t do it, however, it I asked you to imagine that you were in a uncomfortable space were you felt ill at ease, your heart rate would automatically speed up and your blood pressure would rise in response to any perceived threat that may be there and make the body respond accordingly.


Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • use your imagination to practise being the way you want to be,
  • Let the subconscious mind know of the framework that you want to act on;
  • Learn to use the subconscious mind to act spontaneously, respond to the images created making them a reality – just like learning to ride a bike or driving a car;
  • Engage all of the body’s senses to create the life you want – see it, feel it, hear it, taste it or even smell the life you would like to have and all of the components that go with it; and
  • Use your imagination to be and act in certain ways, be able to name it. You need to know what a Kangaroo is before you can recognise one, equally, how do you know what self- assurance is without being able to imagine what it is like.  Or having an idea of it?  


So the real issue becomes whether you can stay being the way you imagined yourself. Imagine you, can do it easily now – create the images of how you wish to be and how you wish to live your life.


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