Natural childbirth training encourages a mother to see the labour and delivery as a time of activity, concentration and confidence, rather than a time of inactiveness and suffering.  

Anaesthetics are kept to a minimum or are completely absent.  Without anaesthetics, a mother can actively participate in the birthing of her child, enjoying a fulfilling and positive experience.

When hypnotherapy is used in conjunction with natural childbirth training, the benefits can be doubled.  Hypnotherapy can assist with:

  • Reducing or eliminating fear;
  • Induce all-encompassing relaxation;
  • Diminish the need for medication,
  • Enable control of uterine contractions;
  • Shorten the period of the labour;
  • Lesson pain;
  • Promote recovery;
  • Enhance positive emotions;
  • Spiritual connection; and
  • Stimulate and maintain strong energy levels in the post-delivery phase.

It is important to understand that hypnosis works WITH natural childbirth techniques.

Natural childbirth methods allow a person to develop effective breathing and relaxation techniques. They are designed to help build up muscle support during pregnancy, assist with pushing during labour and provide healthy muscle tone following the birth.

One of the major benefits of controlling the muscles during labour is a more regulated, comfortable birth and the breathing techniques assist the mother to respond to the uterine contractions with controlled relaxed breathing.  It helps take the mind away from the discomfort and assist in regulating the birthing process.

A mother also needs to maintain:

  • Good nutrition;
  • Keep stress levels at a minimum;
  • Rest and sleep when needed; and
  • Maintain a positive attitude.


Which will further assist in:

  • allowing the mother to experience a healthy, positive pregnancy;
  • reduce or eliminate pain;
  • add to a successful birth experience; and
  • enjoy a rewarding and pleasant post-birth phase.


Using Hypnotherapy in pregnancy and childbirth:

Hypnotherapy can assist in:

  • helping the mother to relax, both emotionally and physically;
  • communicating with the unborn child;
  • disassociate from pain and discomfort;
  • assist in a successful delivery, being speedier and easier; and
  • enjoy a more positive post-birth phase.


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