It is not uncommon for people to experience sleep difficulties at certain times of their lives, however, for some, it can become a chronic and debilitating condition.

It is amazing what can interfere with our sleep patterns, whether it be pressure at work, family issues, ill health, environmental factors, expectations of others or relationship concerns to name just a few.

We find ourselves lying in bed, closing the eyes, however, the mind is working overtime.  A thought pops into the head and before it disappears another is taking place.  It goes on and on.  You know that you need to go to sleep so that you can function coherently tomorrow, however there doesn’t appear to be any ability to silence the thoughts and you become more and more restless and agitated.

Then we start to worry that sleep won’t come and the adrenaline begins to pulse throughout the body, feeling more and more awake and sleep continues to escape us for yet another night.

What are some of the factors that can affect our sleep:

  • perhaps you don’t sleep because there is a medical condition or a personal situation that requires medical attention/counselling;
  • perhaps you are consuming too many stimulates (coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, salt);
  • napping during the day; or
  • participating in physical or mental activities just prior to going to bed;
  • the bedroom is associated with mental activities such as catching up on work, watching TV or balancing the accounts rather than a place to relax;
  • environmental factors – too hot, too cold, noise, lumpy pillows, etc; or
  • starting to fixate on our bedtime monologues. i.e. Oh, its 2.00am, I have to get to sleep, or Oh, everything is in such a mess, I need to fix it now.

Hypnosis in the management of Sleep Disruption:

Hypnosis can help:

  • to balance and readjust your pattern of mental activity, calming the mind and body, greatly reducing the stresses and anxieties;
  • to reprogram those bedtime monologues; 
  • replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts;
  • build resilience to cope better;
  • to relate night time to sleep time (or in the case of shift workers to the times that are more suitable);
  • re-establish the body’s natural sleep patterns; and
  • improve sleep quality naturally, among other side benefits.

Through the use of hypnotherapy and guidance, Karen will be able to assist with ways of overcoming the difficulties of getting a good quality sleep, which will provide great benefits and improve the enjoyment of life. 

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Image credit: Alyssa Miller (Flickr)