The Attitude Makes the Difference. The Importance of Attitude:

Mental attitude has a huge impact upon physical health and well-being. Research has shown that improved physical health creates a strong expectant approach to life.

The mind can activate its’ own healing processes within the body.

Our attitudes have a lot to do with our own expectations and a person’s expectations have a lot to do with what they experience!  When there is an expectation to experience something in a particular way, the sub-conscious mind will do all it can to make that expectation become a reality.

  • For example, you will often hear people say that they need to be in a certain place at a certain time, they can’t cope with being late. The sub-conscious clock kicks in and raises a person’s awareness of the expected time and that they need to get a “wriggle on”. This happens purely because their sub-conscious mind has an expectation of being in a certain place at a certain time.

When we are positive – or have expectations that things will get better, the expectation works on every level of our beings.

So what is a positive, or for that matter a negative attitude?

Someone with a positive outlook, might expect that things will not necessarily be wonderful all of the time, yet still feel relatively positive that, whatever happens, they will handle it in the best way they possibly can.

However, someone with a negative attitude tends to believe that their negative experiences and feelings are not limited to the specific area that caused the concern (i.e. work, family or whatever it may be), everything will be ruined and nothing ever works out.  Someone with a typically negative attitude may also feel that when things are going well they are “too good to be true and won’t last”.  That when things are going badly that’s the way it’s going to be from here on in.

So you can understand that developing a positive approach to anything and everything can have a very positive impact on your health generally.  It creates a sense of positive expectancy – it helps things enormously to strongly and visually imagine things going well – it can actually help with immune function.  False hope is not the same as inner faith and positive expectation.  When we are given false hope we have not been properly informed about probable outcomes.  Please remember what is probable and what is possible are two different things and possibility can be an unknown quantity.

There are certain things we know for sure. Firstly, strongly focussing on wellness can encourage the body to be so much healthier.  This is because the body and its’ instincts are closely aligned to memory and imagination.  For example, if I recall being embarrassed, my instincts and body can take me to that time and I may even blush again.  If I dream of being someplace hot, like warming my hands by the fire, my hands will be often feeling warmer.  My body has responded to my imagination. This is what happens in hypnosis when someone imagines their hands being warm or cold, they are able to experience the changes.

We also know that deep rest and relaxation are great promoters of physical and mental health and well-being.  So even before you engage in constructive use of the imagination and subconscious positive expectancy, merely relaxing regularly will boost the levels of comfort and immune function.

So the message is clear, how we look at our health and our lives has a major impact on how long and well we live and significantly influences our health outcomes.  Naturally, there are some limits to the effect of mental attitudes on health, however, it has been proven that a positive conscious and sub-conscious attitude will make a difference.

How can hypnotherapy assist in promoting and regaining the sense of health and well-being?

Hypnotherapy can assist in:

  • improving a person’s positive outlook;
  • activate the body’s ability to heal and be healthier;
  • build the immune system;
  • instinctively learn to calm yourself down and think rationally; and
  • Build-up confidence and wellbeing and promote health.

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