Well, it is that time of year again, when most of us have a tendency to over indulge on one thing or another, the Christmas cheer can be our undoing in terms of our general health, weight and even being dependent on it to have a good time.

On average 15 Australians die every day from alcohol abuse, that is 5554 people every year!

Alcohol abuse is often responsible for more than half of all accidental deaths and almost half of all traffic fatalities.

Ongoing drinking can result in serious health problems affecting the liver, heart, sexual function and the nervous system.  It can even cause cancers and dementia. While alcohol dependence can have a major impact on health, may people do manage to beat the alcohol and move on to live, healthy, rewarding and a satisfying life.

Alcohol can be like a charming thief. It may sweet talk you into having it, however, ultimately, it takes more than it gives.  And it can take a lot more. Alcohol can steal careers, relationships, health and of course money.  It also can take away peoples dignity and self-esteem.

So the key is:  if you are going to drink alcohol, make sure that you moderate the intake and don’t give into its charm.

If you are struggling to keep alcohol under control, Karen will be able to assist you through the use of guidance and hypnotherapy, ways off overcoming the influences of the alcohol, and enhance your life for the better.

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Shelley Mc

Thanks (Karen Holt) for listening and helping with my problems, I had the most relaxing holiday ever - no trouble sleeping even in the confined space and with company. I have also lost over 10 kg's and I don't panic so much if things go wrong.

Jane M

(Since seeing Karen Holt) I just feel so calm in myself – it is as though the anxiety doesn’t exist anymore – I am coping so much better.

Rob J

Wanting to let you know that I have been doing so well (Karen Holt), I thought a lot about what you suggested to me and it allowed me to stop eating unnecessarily.

Michelle C

(Karen Holt), I now fly with ease and am no longer worried when getting on a plane, my life is so much easier.


For the past few months I've been struggling with a separation. I came in for a treatment on the Thursday, by Saturday I was singing. I am calm! Much love and thanks Amber (Birkin)!

Kerry B

Thanks so much Karen (Holt) for your sincerity, you have put me back on the right path instead of trying to escape with the use of alcohol.

John S

Karen (Holt) you have helped me overcome my fear of snakes so easily, I can now walk out in the grass without always being fearful.

Mary S

Thank you Karen (Holt) for your support with my anxiety concerns, I'm not sure how I would have coped without it.