eMotion Health refers to Emotional (e) and Physical (Motion) health. Keeping the body active "in Motion" will help you stay healthy. eMotion Health also refers to Energy in Motion as the human body is more than just physical. eMotion Health therapists are here to support you in your journey, all patients are treated with respect and confidentiality. 

Your therapists are highly trained in whole-body assessment and treatment and use a variety of holistic and evidence-based approaches that will address your emotional, spiritual and physical body.

We choose carefully which therapies and treatments are the most suitable for you and give you the best chance to heal. Each treatment is unique to you and your needs at any given moment. We promise to listen to you and give you the ability to influence the course of your treatment. We will be your guide and share our knowledge of many years of experience and expertise so you can make the best decisions about your health.

We use a gentle hands-on approach that will help your body and nervous system in the healing journey. We also offer natural remedies to further enhance your body's healing process and to support your emotional health.

Our mission is to empower the Geelong community to take a creative and holistic approach to wellbeing.

We strive to improve your quality of life. 

How Do I Book a Session with Joanna or Michael?

If you'd like to make an appointment at the Geelong Bodi and Mind practice, phone (03)-5223-2370.